Saturday, 16 July 2011

Jack - Road Testing

We crossed paths with Jack and his family at Queenscliff this afternoon making the most of a sunny afternoon, each burning off some 2.75 year old energy.  Jack is a scooter rider at he moment, and a cranking one at that.  He's yet to get his 2 wheeled licence, but took the chance to road test my sons Balance Bike.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Mikaela in Manly

Mikaela was a bit embarrassed that I asked for this portrait. She's was nice enough to say yes though.
She's had her Townie for 'ages'.

Found myself in Kristie's 'Neck of the Woods'

Kristie has just bought 'Neck of the Woods' in Manly. In fact the day that I spotted her bicycle out front on the footpath was her first day in the shop.  "What crazies" around here in Manly she must have thought when I popped in to ask her to be photographed with her bike out the front.  Not at all I don't think. Kristie is a local, bicycle aficionado, and nice person to boot. And turns out we have our kids in the same school.  Kristie has wanted a bike for sometime, and who better to source one for her than her bicycle mechanic and owner of 'The Fixed Wheel' husband Daniel.  Daniel bought Kristie's bike as a surprise for Christmas. Happy Riding!!