Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Amelias's Childhood Dream Bike - The Power of Belief, Intent, or something like that

Well that was unexpected. Or was it?

For some months now I have been building ideas around capturing the wonderful bicycle scene that is well and truly alive in Sydney and across the world.  I have noticed in my own suburb of Manly that a movement is growing towards commuting and transporting on bikes. My interest was first aroused in Kyoto last year where bicycling on the streets is very commonplace and accepted, even encouraged. My endeavour has been to start photographing people on/with their bicycles around the streets of Sydney and importantly the story and relationship that accompanies their 2 wheeled friend.

I drove into the CBD tonight to photograph a job that turned out to be the wrong night, by about 2 weeks. That happens! I'm well versed in accepting these situations, and not at all troubled by it, but rather thought, "well", and so it is.  With cameras on board, and time on my hands, my first thought was, well let's look out for some bicycles. 2 minutes later, maybe not quite after turning into William Street of College, before my eyes was Amelia on Fifi.  I couldn't quite believe my eyes, but simply had to ask if I could take Amelia's portrait with her bicycle.  She graciously accepted.

Fifi is the bike Amelia has wanted since she was a little girl.  Her step-through was hand made by John at Europa Cycles in Kensington

Amelia did her research to find just the right pink, (which she arrived at after an initial re-spray to get the right shade).Most of the parts were bought online at, with the help of a friend. The seat, grips and bell are Electra, the spokie dokies and streamers came from K-mart, the special lights from Tokyo Bike and Amelia's best friend made the basket liner.

Amelia would like to see more girls on pretty bikes.  With Amelia leading by this example, I think we'll see that.

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